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Entertainment Law

Obtaining an entertainment attorney sets the

stage for creativity by allowing the artist to perform and thrive without the worry of losing ownership of the product. The artist has the comfort of knowing that he or she is secured by a fair contract. Once you decide to treat your talents as a business rather than a hobby, you will need an entertainment attorney. Litigation in the entertainment industry is as complicated, if not more so, as any other area of law. Poorly drafted contracts are the catalyst for lawsuits and financial loss.

The entertainment industry is a broad concept with nuances and terminology unique to each sector. If you work in film, modeling, multimedia, music, television/video, theatre, or any of the other arts, you need an entertainment attorney that understands your work.

We perform a variety of services including

providing guidance and counsel on legal and business affairs, negotiating entertainment deals and composing legal documents, shielding your intellectual property and litigating disputes in court. We not only know contract law, but we are knowledgeable about industry customs and work to preserve the value of the client’s products and services.

Entertainment law encompasses various sectors and can cross over into finance, intellectual property, publicity, and the first amendment issues. Entertainment law is commonly subdivided into the following categories related to the nature of activities that have their own specific case law, customs, negotiations strategies, trade unions, and rules:

  • Personal Service Contracts:
    Obligations of the artist (performer/author) to the studio/publisher (vice versa)

  • Film:
    Encompassing chain of title issues; copyrighting; distribution issues; finance; motion picture industry distribution negotiations; option agreements; production and post-production; talent agreements; trade union issues; and to a lesser extent, trademarks.

  • Multimedia:
    Including general intellectual property issues; information technology law; software licensing issues; video game development and manufacture

  • Music:
    Comprised of copyrighting; industry negotiation; producer agreements; and talent agreements

  • Publishing and Print Media Issues:
    Involving advertising; author agreements; copyrighting and modeling .

  • Television and Radio:
    Including broadcasting licensing and regulatory issues; copyrighting; and mechanical licenses

  • Theatre:
    Including rental and co-production agreements; and other performance related issues

  • Visual Arts and Design:
    Including fine arts; industrial design; issues of consignment of artworks to art dealers; matters related to the protection of graphic design elements in products; and moral rights of sculptors regarding works in public places

  • Rights of Privacy:

  • Publicity Rights:

  • Alternative Sources of Entertainment Property Rights:
    Artistic credit; moral rights and creator control; contract rights in story ideas

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