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We are passionate about the cases we take on and are mindful about how our clients’ legal issues affect their lives.

From our firm’s inception, we resolved that the representation we provide our clients would center on exemplary legal skill, personalized service, and integrity. We structure and administer our practice with our motivation firmly fixed on our clients’ interests. We deliver astute and pragmatic legal solutions in the most efficient manner.

At Jones Legal, Inc, we work every day to deliver results beyond the ordinary, establishing relationships that clients regard as extraordinary. Our practice areas include: Probate, Estate Planning, including Wills & Trusts, Workers’ Compensation, and Personal Injury.

The team at Jones Legal, Inc is led by Jennifer C. Jones, who has 17 years of legal experience and is licensed to practice law in California and Georgia. Her diverse professional background gives the firm the ability to discern the best solutions for clients. Often times, a potential client walks in the office thinking that his or her problem is “A” and needs solution “X.” After a consultation, Ms. Jones is able to educate him or her on why their problem is really “B” and needs solution “Y”. This type of effective counseling can only happen when you deal with a compassionate listener who can cogently identify what the client truly needs and is unwavering about putting the client’s interest first. This is a principle that thrives at Jones Legal, Inc.

We recognize the main complaint clients have about their past experiences with lawyers is that they couldn’t reach their lawyers on the phone. Clients do not want to feel like another file in the filing cabinet. Clients want to feel as if their case is the most important case undertaken by the firm.

When Ms. Jones decided to form Jones Legal, Inc, she was determined to treat every client as a VIP and foster healthy communication between the client and attorney. Here, at Jones Legal, Inc, we know that you have your choice among law firms; so we welcome the opportunity to represent you!

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