I am so happy now that I found Ms. Jennifer. She took my case with no problem. I have been looking for an attorney for weeks and saw Ms. Jennifer online and sent her an email. She responded so fast I didn’t know what to say. I would refer her to anyone I see that needs help. Thank you Ms. Jennifer for helping me and my family.”

Jonah L. Towns

“I am very impressed with Ms. Jones. I would recommend Ms. Jones to anyone who’s in need of an attorney. Ms. Jones listened to me, asked me what I wanted out of this case and what I wanted to do with this case. I have had three other attorneys before I went onto AVVO and found Ms. Jones.”


“Jennifer Jones, is not only informative, but was willing to explain our concerns in a way that a non-attorney could understand. We came in for legal advice and walked away with clear answers. Our issues were long-standing and after meeting with Jennifer Jones, we walked away with a plan and a way to figure out our issues. I highly recommend Jennifer, and I will come back to her for my other legal matters.


“I was very impressed with Ms. Jones. She is very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. She was able to explain complicated legal information in terms I could understand. Without hesitation, I would recommend her to anyone.”

Y. Lee

“This attorney handled my case as if it were her own. She kept me informed throughout the process and helped me understand all the complicated legal jargon. She is thorough and produces excellent results.”


Outstanding customer service, aggressive representation and one of the up and coming attorneys in California.”

Joaquin Salas

“My FICO Score was negatively effect by the unfair reporting practice of a senior apartment complex.. The apartment was inspected by management and signed off on prior to my vacating; however, 60 days later I received a demand from new management for $950.00 apartment damages, which I refused. They reported the erroneous debt to the credit bureau and my credit score dropped and caused me to be excluded and/or rejected from various financial opportunities. Attorney Jones straightened out the matter out and restored my good credit rating in a relatively short time.”


“After five years of fighting this case with three attorneys, I then hired Ms. Jennifer Jones. Ms. Jones was able to settle the case at my next hearing. She was able to explain in details the procedures of workers’ compensation law and, only after I understood, she then did the figures related to my case. My case was a spinal injury with disc bulges in neck and lower back and other injuries. After discussing all options with Ms. Jones, the case was settled. She is a Christian and very trustworthy, knowledgeable, caring, responsive to all questions and will keep you informed. After three attorneys, she still took my case. She is very blessed.”

Anna Beckton

“Ms Jones has been my attorney since 2013 . She is very efficient and thorough. There has never been a time I’ve called her and she did not return my call when she wasn’t available. I understand she is very busy and has other clients, but she has never made me feel that my case was not important to her. She is awesome and always keep me informed on what is going on with my case. I would recommend her services to other people, because I know she would do everything she could to help them.”


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