In the aftermath of a catastrophic accident, your main focus should be on your recovery. The Jones Legal Team will ensure that you get the help you need and return to your “new normal.” When people suffer life altering, catastrophic injuries, they need every resource to provide for themselves. Some law firms turn down tough cases. They fear cases that will require months of investigation, preparation, hard work, and expertise. Not the Jones Legal Team. Jennifer Jones is an aggressive catastrophic injury attorney. She refuses to be intimidated by any catastrophic injury case. If we take your case, we will fight tooth and nail for you.

The First Steps in a Catastrophic Injury Case…

You should seek the help of an Inland Empire catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible. They will be able to make sure you handle interactions with insurance companies and opposing parties correctly. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney will help you collect the necessary documentation. They can help people with a brain injury or traumatic injury. A proper attorney will be able to assess your situation and advise you accordingly.

After that, the injured client should know they have rights to compensation. Catastrophic injuries significantly affect individuals and their families well into the future. Survivors often deal with lifelong hardships ranging from expensive medical care to unemployment. An Inland Empire catastrophic injury attorney like Jennifer Jones will inform you of your rights and how to seek compensation.

Next, the injured person must learn about their path forward. Just because they suffered a catastrophic injury does not mean that they will automatically receive compensation. It often takes a fight. The at-fault party will most likely try to avoid compensating you. They will likely hire an attorney to help them accomplish this. This is why it’s imperative for injured people to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Catastrophic Injury FAQs

Legally and medically, a catastrophic is any injury that impairs a person’s:

  • Cognitive function
  • Mobility
  • Quality of life

These injuries can be permanent or long term. Beyond this definition, a catastrophic injury could be almost anything. From a lost limb to paralysis, brain damage to psychological trauma. It may also include a loss of hearing or vision or a debilitating illness.


Catastrophic injury is a term that generally refers to a severe injury to the spine, spinal cord, or brain, which may include skull or spinal fractures. One unique aspect of a catastrophic injury case is that it is approached in a very different manner than a typical personal injury case. Catastrophic injury cases will have a long-standing effect on the injured person, which will require the claim to be processed accordingly. She might call upon an economist or an expert in life care planning. This will be in order to quantify the economic damages for the remainder of the injured person’s life. The amount of damages can be different in catastrophic injury cases. However, the economics of each case is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

You will want an attorney who will treat your case like it’s their own. An attorney that will return your calls quickly and answer all of your questions. A good attorney will give you accurate advice, help you set accurate expectations, and make you feel welcome. This is on top of their obvious duties of completing legal paperwork, investigating your claim, negotiating with the other parties, and fighting for you in court. This is what Jennifer Jones offers. She will aggressively argue your case no matter who your opponent is.

The attorney-client relationship is important in a catastrophic injury case. You will have many important decisions ahead of you. Trusting the advice of your attorney will be necessary to moving forward. Do your research and find an attorney you feel will fight for you and provide the best possible advice. 

Anyone who is consulting with a catastrophic injury attorney in California regarding their case should inquire as to that attorney’s knowledge and experience in handling similar types of claims. While many of these claims may seem similar, the particulars of the area in which it occurred, the nature of the jury, and any other local rules may be an important factor in processing a claim.

Yes. An injured person’s next-of-kin or spouse can act on their behalf. The individual case details will dictate how this will work. If someone has already established power of attorney, this issue is very simple. If not, the process might take a bit longer and need additional council. An experienced Inland Empire catastrophic injury attorney will be able to handle any of these issues. Simply mention this in your initial consultation.

The stakes are extremely high when a victim is facing life-altering, long term injuries. Financial recovery is about more than just money. It’s about funding a long road of extensive care and accommodation. Insurance companies and corporations want to pay victims as little as possible. They see high-value injury claims as direct threats to their bottom lines. This increases the likelihood of their aggressive challenge to your claim. They will often try to diminish the extent of your damages and dispute their liability. 

At Jones Legal, our clients are more than just a file. We passionately defend the cases we take on. We have the resources and the experience to secure the best outcomes possible for our clients.

Inland Empire Catastrophic Injury Attorney

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