We know how devastating it can be to find yourself in a situation where your employer has taken advantage of you. We fight for you at every step and we never give up until the case is won or settled. Our goal here is to help people like you who have been discriminated against because of their injury, so that they can get treated and live healthy lives again with the compensation they deserve.

It is the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s duty to provide medical benefits, lost wages and other compensation to injured workers within California. Employees who suffer injuries or illnesses in course and scope of their job can qualify for financial compensation without having to prove fault or negligence.

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Jennifer Jones is the only attorney who will fight for your rights, get you the compensation you deserve, and help get you back on your feet so that this terrible ordeal can be over with.

What happens after a work injury in California?

You just got hurt at work! Now what?

“How will I pay my bills?”

“Should I report the injury?”

“Will I lose my job?”

“Should I apply for disability?”

“How long will I need to miss work?”

Are these questions going through your head? You need a compassionate workers’ compensation attorney that understands what you are feeling.

The work injury lawyers in Rancho Cucamonga can handle your case

Work accidents are bound to happen. Workers’ compensation will cover almost all accident or injury types. As long as the employee suffers the injuries while performing occupational tasks and didn’t inflict the accident on themselves. However, some accidents do occur more often than others. Jennifer Jones has seen it all; she knows how to customize her legal counsel to fit the needs of each situation. 

Common workplace accidents in California include:

  • Slips
  • Trips
  • Falls
  • Electrocutions
  • Struck by objects
  • Transportation accidents
  • Chemical exposures
  • Burns
  • Getting caught between objects/equipment
  • Equipment malfunction

What workers’ compensation damages are available in California?

Workers’ compensation programs in California provide benefits for a variety of medical care, including doctor visits, tests, treatments and equipment. These also include travel costs, medication or anything else that might be necessary to help the worker recover from their injury. For those who are unable to work because of an accident on the job, workers’ compensation may include temporary or permanent disability. Sometimes it includes supplemental job displacement. If a workplace accident causes a workers’ death, a worker’s family may receive death benefits. In order to qualify for these benefits you must fulfill certain requirements which vary depending on what type of injuries you have sustained. For example you may be eligible for one benefit but ineligible for others.

Do I Need a Riverside Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

Countless injured workers do not receive the care that they need. They frequently accept a doctor selected by their employer or insurance company without knowing they have a right to give consent.

If your claim is denied, you may not receive the care and treatment you need for a complete recovery. Consequently, you may not receive the amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

Reconsider an appeal if it’s been denied outright. You may need a second opinion before deciding whether or not you should accept this decision. Without a second opinion, you’re rejecting all chances for improved health and financial stability – both things with irreplaceable value.

If you have Jennifer Jones on your side, The Rancho Cucamonga Workers’ Comp Lawyer, you will have an advocate that will fight for the compensation you deserve. 

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The workers’ compensation system originated to provide an orderly approach to compensate workers who have been injured on the job. In spite of this, it has evolved into an adversarial scheme. Employers’ insurance companies work to limit benefits and use the workers’ compensation system to do precisely that. It is essential for you to make sure you protect your rights. You need a lawyer who can navigate the difficult system so that you can get what you deserve!

We are the workers’ compensation advocates you need to get back on your feet. Jones legal connects you with a doctor and guide you through the system. We work so that all of your benefits can be utilized.