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Jones Legal’s goal is to help you get treatment and rehabilitation for your injury, all while fighting against any employer who has discriminated against you because of it.

The Division of Workers’ Compensation exists to provide medical benefits, lost wages and other compensation to injured workers within the state. Employees who suffer injuries or illnesses in the course and scope of his or her job can qualify for financial compensation without having to prove fault or negligence.

San Bernardino workers’ comp attorney 

The San Bernardino workers’ comp attorney that Fights for Your Rights. You need an attorney that will fight for your rights, get you just compensation, and get you back to work as soon as practicable without dragging out your case for an unreasonable amount of time.

What happens after you get hurt at work in California?

You just got hurt at work! Now what?

“Should I report the injury?”

“What if I lose my job?”

“Should I go on disability?”

“How long will I be off work?”

“How will I pay my bills?”

If these are questions going through your head, you need a compassionate workers’ compensation attorney in Inland Empire that understands what you are feeling.

The work injury lawyer in San Bernardino can Handle your case

In California, most people know that accidents happen on a daily basis. But there are different types of them that can occur more often than others- such as those where employees suffer from repetitive motion injuries. For cases like this, workers’ compensation does not always pay for certain injuries because they’re not considered “occupational.” This is unfair to employees who suffer from repetitive motion injuries but haven’t done anything wrong other than perform their jobs.

Common workplace accidents in California include:

What workers’ compensation damages are available in California?

In California, workers’ compensation programs offer a lot of benefits including medical care and rehabilitation. The program also includes temporary or permanent disability, supplemental job displacement, and death. You must meet minimum requirements to be eligible for these benefits.

Do I need a San Bernardino workers’ comp lawyer?

In the United States, there are millions of injured workers who never receive compensation. They do not receive proper medical care and rehabilitation services that they need. Frequently, these people accept the treatment by a doctor chosen by their employer or insurance company without knowing that they have a right to choose their own doctor.

Many people are denied from appeals. To make sure you get the care and treatment you deserve, don’t accept it without a second opinion. Enlist the help of an aggressive, compassionate San Bernardino workers’ comp attorney to advocate for you. 

Jennifer Jones works tirelessly to fight for the compensation her clients deserve. She is the workers’ comp lawyer of San Bernardino that provides the most aggressive, compassionate legal counsel. 

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The workers’ compensation system was created to provide an orderly approach to compensate injured workers. However, in recent years, employers have been using the system as a tool against employees by limiting their benefits and trying to change the nature of the system. With workers’ compensation, you deserve the best. If you have been injured at work and are entitled to compensation, contact an experienced lawyer that knows how to navigate the system on your behalf. They will be able to help make sure that you get what is rightfully yours.

Jones Legal will help you to find the best possible treatment and navigate the complicated workers’ compensation system. If you need an advocate, we are here for you.