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What Is Workers’ Compensation?

In California, the Division of Workers’ Compensation exists to provide medical benefits, lost wages and other compensation to injured workers within the state. Employees who suffer injuries or illnesses in the course and scope of their job can qualify for financial compensation without having to prove fault or negligence. 

In return, workers must give up the right to file for a personal injury lawsuit against his or her employer. 

Temecula Workers Comp Attorney That Fights for Your Rights

As an injured worker, you need the support of a skilled attorney to ensure that you get what you deserve in your injury case.

What Happens After You Get Hurt at Work in California?

You just got hurt at work! Now what?

“Should I report the injury?”

“What if I lose my job?”

“Should I go on disability?”

“How long will I be off work?”

“How will I pay my bills?”

If these are questions going through your head, you need a compassionate workers’ compensation attorney that understands what you are feeling.

The Work Injury Lawyers in Temecula Can Handle Your Case

Most workers’ compensation-related injuries happen because the employee is doing their work. In California, you’re protected if you suffer an injury from performing occupational tasks (as long as it’s not self-inflicted!) That said, there are some types of accidents that show up more often than others.

Common Workplace Accidents in California Include:

  • slips
  • trips
  • falls
  • electrocutions
  • struck by objects
  • transportation accidents
  • chemical exposures
  • burns
  • getting caught between objects/equipment
  • equipment malfunction

What Workers’ Compensation Damages are Available in California?

The workers’ compensation program in California allows for reimbursement of medical expenses, including doctor visits, testing and treatments. They also offer disability or death benefits to the worker involved. But, it’s important to meet the minimum requirements for different benefits. For example, you may be eligible for one benefit but not others.

Do I Need a Temecula Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

Too often do injured employees fail to receive the compensation, medical care, and rehabilitation that they need. Many employees don’t even realize that they have the right to select who provides their medical care after their work accident.

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney could be the critical difference between receiving the care you deserve and not receiving anything at all. If you suffered catastrophic or even mild injuries at work, you need a Temecula workers’ compensation lawyer. 

Contact Jones Legal Team for Workers’ Compensation Representation in Temecula, California

The California worker’s compensation system exists to protect you, the worker, after an on-the-job injury. However, many employers try to turn it into a dispute. The insurance companies that employers use try to limit the compensation you receive, and they almost never have your best interests in mind. With the help of a team of experienced workers’ compensation lawyers with Jones Legal, you can get the benefits you deserve. As an advocate for your rights, we’ll help you get what you’re owed under California law.